Banquet Hall

Our banquet Hall provides a perfect setting for all sort of functions. Ranging from complete Wedding Reception, Ceremonies, Corporate Functions, Conferences, Fund Raising Program, Theme Parties to Anniversaries. With two conveniently located halls ranging in size to accommodate upto 500 people. At our banquet Hall you will find the perfect package you are looking for.

  • Chicken quorma, biryani, rogni nan, raita, green salad

    Chicken One Dish

    Chicken Quorma OR
    Chicken Biryani
    Rogni Nan
    Green Salad

  • chicken boti, kabab, rogni nan, green salad

    Halwa Puri

    Chicken Boti OR
    Chicken Kabab
    Rogni Nan
    Green Salad

  • Mutton quorma, biryani, rogni nan, green salad

    Mutton One Dish

    Mutton Quorma
    Mutton Buryani OR Chicken Biryani
    Rogni Nan
    Green Salad

  • cold drink, qahwa, green team, kashmiri tea, corn soup, hot & sour soup


    Cold Drink
    Kashmiri Tea
    Mineral Water
    Welcome Juice
    Chicken Corn Soup
    Chicken Hot & Sour soup

  • firni, kheer, fruit trifal, kulfa, halwa paita, halwa peita, matanjan, zarda


    Fruit Trifal
    Halwa Khajor / Halwa Peita

Important : outdoor catering Outdoor catering arrangements (For corporate clients only) Design your own menu Design Your Own Menu (For corporate clients only)

Terms & Conditions

1. All kind of fireworks and firing is not allowed.
2. 50,000 will be deposited at the booking time. 50% of total amount will have to be paid before 1 week from booking date.
3. 25,000 wiil be fined in case of booking cancelation.
4. Catering demage will be fined to the customer.
5. Guests will be responsilble for their own belongings. Management will not be responsible.
6. Extra charges will be paid for flower decoration & DJ sound. Management will provide this facility.
7. The car parking is the responsibility of the car owner.
8. Management will not be responsible for strike, loadshedding, gas ,water problem etc.
9. Timing Of Hall : First time from 12:00pm to 3:00pm afternoon.
Second time from 5:45pm to 9:45pm night.
5000 will be charged in case of every extra hour applicable in the first time.
10. Discount is not permissible at the time of bill clearence.
11. The payment of bill will be taken in the form of cash.